Keynote speaking


My keynote presentations have been appreciated by staff at: Auckland Council, Sovereign, TVNZ, Tower Insurance, PwC, Uniservices, EMA Conference, , Law firms such as Russell McVeagh, Bell Gully and Chapman Tripp among others.


Mindfulness training enhances interpersonal relationships, develops emotional intelligence, increases resilience, enhances innovation and creativity, and improves working memory and attention. We pour a lot of our energy into work, yet the workplace can be a source of great stress as well as satisfaction. Even a moment of mindfulness and awareness can make work a better experience.

Creativity, innovation, productivity and connectivity live within the people themselves and can be accessed through mindfulness, deep listening and inner self-management.
— Peter Drucker
The most valuable thing I have taken away is noticing my levels of stress are reducing and I am more focused on my job.
I feel totally inspired and I feel my job is a lot less stressful. I have noticed a difference in my personal life as well, such as-
• setting goals
• listening more
• not getting caught up with the small stuff
• planning
• less work stress and trying to get more life balance
— Allan Gibson, procurement specialist, health Alliance

Insight Coaching

insight coaching with Maya Nova

Mindfulness Based Insight Coaching can help you understand better the relationship between your thoughts and how they make you feel about yourself, about others and about life in general. Mindfulness can help you manage anxiety and depression, lack of confidence and stress.

Maya’s coaching approach is definitely superior to what I have tried so far, in the sense that it certainly gets to the real heart of the matter. It’s too easy to get caught up in goals, our life stories, good or bad, and things or people ‘out there’ that influence us …and to forget about or lose the connection, if we every had it, with what is going on ‘inside’. It’s only when the two (inside and outside) start to come into real conflict that we maybe start to realise something is not quite right. This for me is where Maya’s approach has really helped.
Maya herself is a talented, experienced, warm and very open person who listens and guides carefully. In a very short time, I already have a much clearer and more integrated sense of understanding myself, my place within the wider world, of the importance and practice of being fully present, and the wider contribution that I am capable of making, if I am willing to challenge myself. I am more centred, calm and grounded too. With Maya’s guidance, I look forward to continuing on this personal journey.
— David Horner, business owner

Some of the clients worked with so far: