Maya Nova

Mindfulness trainer, mindful leadership consultant, speaker and coach

Maya is a mindfulness trainer, coach and speaker with over a decade of experience working with people from all walks of life, helping them to regain clarity and balance and integrate mindfulness into their everyday life and work.

Maya Nova

Maya has been learning and practicing mindfulness and meditation for 20 years, including being ordained as Buddhist nun for 2 years. Her passion is integrating mindfulness into life and work, creating energy, inspiration and presence to live life awake to each moment, as if each moment truly mattered.

Maya has worked with organizations, businesses and individuals to support them achieve productivity, well-being and resilience.

I offer presentations, workshops, courses and  mindfulness coaching.

I bring mindfulness training to work, and as a trained facilitator I collaborate with HR managers and executives to help them meet their goals. I also deliver Mindful leadership programs, team building workshops and offer ongoing mindfulness training. I have worked with government organizations, businesses, community groups and individuals to help them achieve greater levels of productivity, well-being and happiness.

Some of my clients include: Nestle NZ, Sovereign NZ, PwC, TVNZ, Lotto NZ and Auckland Council among others

"Working with Maya is a joy. She is zesty, intuitive, spiritual, practical, inspiring and fun. She offers clarity and caring, compassion and creativity. I recommend her highly!"

Brigit Lowry, writer