“Before meeting Maya my life felt quite chaotic, madly busy actually, with an over-full mind and the feeling that there was little time in my own life for quiet reflection or calm. I was juggling life as a mum of two young kids while running a rapidly growing organization and all the demands that go with both of these roles. I had been curious about meditation for some time but never found the time to learn about it. I’m really glad that I finally have and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Maya is a very talented, warm, real and at times quite magical woman who has helped me get my life into balance. It’s still early days for me but over the past few weeks I’ve noticed my stress levels have reduced, I’m more focused, am enjoying relaxing and generally feel lighter and happier (interspersed with moments of blissful joy). Maya’s meditation training is something I would genuinely encourage others to do – she’s a super star” - Rachel Brown, Sustainable Business Network CEO

“I contacted Maya when I was having chemotherapy for advanced cancer. Although I had very little experience of meditation Maya has worked with me to find a way of meditating that suits me and she has done this with wisdom, an open mind, honesty, love, and (very importantly) humour. The benefits have surpassed anything I could have hoped for and I use the skills Maya taught me every day. I find I can very quickly achieve a place where I am at peace . This can be done many times throughout the day in what I refer to as bite sized meditations.  It can also be done anywhere and anytime. My journey is one I never expected to take so soon, and while sometimes I am scared, with Maya’s help, most of the time I am not.” - Susie Milne, Personal Trainer

“Maya has made a big difference to my life.  Maya has a wonderful gift, she is intuitive in her teaching style and seems to convey the essence of what it means to meditate without effort and without judgment.  She manages to transfer a warm energy that carries her message long after you leave her presence.  I highly recommend Maya’s courses or one-on-one time.” - Deirdre Norris, Lawyer

“Maya’s coaching approach is definitely superior to what I have tried so far, in the sense that it certainly gets to the real heart of the matter. It’s too easy to get caught up in goals, our life stories, good or bad, and things or people ‘out there’ that influence us …and to forget about or lose the connection, if we every had it, with what is going on ‘inside’. It’s only when the two (inside and outside) start to come into real conflict that we maybe start to realise something is not quite right. This for me is where Maya’s approach has really helped. Maya herself is a talented, experienced, warm and very open person who listens and guides carefully. In a very short time, I already have a much clearer and more integrated sense of understanding myself, my place within the wider world, of the importance and practice of being fully present,  and the wider contribution that I am capable of making, if I am willing to challenge myself.  I am more centred, calm and grounded too. With Maya’s guidance, I look forward to continuing on this personal journey. - David Horner, businessman

” I have to be honest, when I was first approached about meditation I was cynical,  I was willing to give it a go, but as your average couch potato I thought it was going to be more beneficial as a rest.
Now I’m quite convinced it’s making a real difference in my life (so much so that even my wife notices when I miss a session)
How has it affected me? Fundamentally it’s getting back to the whole notion of being present in the moment and being sincere and committed to that moment. I know it sounds corny but my life, both professionally and personally can be hectic – lots of pressure! I’m now able to prioritise more effectively, focus on a task, complete it and feel calm the whole way through the process. I achieve more; I really don’t stress anymore and think I’m a much better person to be around. Life now seems so much simpler to me and I feel I can cope with any situation that gets thrown at me.
I just wish I had this experience a lot earlier in life.
Thanks Maya! You are a gem! ”
Bruce, manager, Common Ground Studio

“Working with Maya is a joy. She’s zesty, intuitive, spiritual, practical, inspiring and fun. She offers clarity and caring, compassion and creativity. I recommend her highly.”- Brigit Lowry / writer

“Working with Maya has been immensely satisfying. Every week she guides me to discover new insights about how I approach life. These insights are helping me to move forward in a more positive and energised way, rather then feeling overwhelmed by the chaos. I really appreciate Maya’s clarity, perception and compassion. She has an extraordinary ability to help me keep focused on my positive qualities.” - Rachel / architect and mum of two small children

“I have attended Maya’s meditation classes over past two years and have benefited enormously from meditation practice. Meditation has enabled me to create a calmer and more positive mind. My ability to concentrate has improved and I enjoy a much more heightened awareness of my thoughts and feelings. The inner spaciousness created through meditation has allowed me to be a lot more present and at peace with myself and the world. Maya is a wonderful meditation teacher and I recommend her". - Grant Evans, Psychotherapy student

“I was 5 months into my treatment for breast cancer and had started to move on from the initial devastation and powerlessness that followed my cancer diagnosis. I wanted to look beyond just coping day to day, toward exploring ways I could make healthy, sustainable changes that would give my life more peace, more meaning.  I also wanted some help with making sense of the feelings of fear, confusion and helplessness that arose from time to time.  I had a strong sense that meditation and the practice of mindfulness would help me to do this.  I wanted to find someone who was more experienced and knowledgeable than me in this area and who I could trust and respect.  Maya has been that person for me.   I have found our one-on-one coaching sessions very useful and meaningful.  Maya has gently and ably led me through a process ofenquiry that has helped me deepen my awareness of myself and the way I interact with the world around me.  I came to trust her and her approach very quickly.  I knew she held my interests and wellbeing at heart and I respected her intuition, wisdom and knowledge.  She struck a wonderful balance between helping me to work through my own questions while also providing insight and quidance to help me.” - Patricia Reade, CEO Auckland Council

“My 15 year old daughter suffers from anxiety and she comes to Maya for some 1-to-1 mindfulness sessions to help alleviate her negative thinking.  She finds the sessions calming and effective and always emerge afterwards positive and enlightened.  Her and Maya have formed a deep connection and she always looks forward to the sessions.  She has been able to use the techniques to help her stay calm and positive in her day to day life. I thoroughly recommend Maya whatever your age or situation in life.  She is a highly skilled and knowledgeable coach as well as being a wise, warm and wonderful person.  Thank you Maya” - Clare Hall-Taylor, Director HT Group and mum of a teenage girl suffering from anxiety

“Meditation workshops are a way to remember to stay present as it is a wonderful, joyful, magical experience. Maya’s approach is very calming and peaceful. She is always knowledgeable.” - Jasmine  

  “This was my first workshop. It was a chance to stop and revisit what I love. I can sit, breathe and observe and appreciate myself. Maya has a presence and an aura, her delivery is calm and perfect for me. She feeds your soul.” - Charlotte

“Thanks again for the enlightening workshop today, you have such a pleasant aura and i was captivated by what you said the whole way through the workshop. Was reassuring for me to know that i am on the right track in life and aim to reach my full potential. You were very inspirational and i hope to keep in touch! Thank You.”  - Ashley Grant, student

From the six week course:

“The course has been invaluable for me. I have learned so much over the past few weeks and it has really made a difference. I am feeling much more grounded and less chaotic, so thank you.” Lynda

 “Thanks for a great course – I’ve learned heaps. We get so stuck in our ways/habits/routines – it’s very refreshing to be reminded that it doesn’t have to be a certain way. I’m a lot calmer. I check in with myself and am present a lot more. ” Shana

 “Maya I really would like to thank you for holding such a wonderful course. I feel like I have already received so much positive outcomes from participating in and no doubt will continue to do. I feel as though I’ve gained the tools to enable myself to become a calmer /happier/more content person. Its allowed me to put aspects of my life into perspective” Hayley

 “Thank you Maya, you are an inspiration and a wealth of wisdom! The way you explain the theory is very easy to understand and relatable. I have really enjoyed the course and thank you greatly for opening up mind and thoughts. Just by being able to acknowledge bad habits and thoughts has helped me greatly in my goal to cultivate calmness . This is helping me in my work and personal life. I feel that I have better clarity of thinking and have felt more productive in getting things done.” Kirsty