Do you ever feel like your life is lacking direction and purpose?

Do you find it hard do embrace change and find contentment? Do you feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed? Is your life chaotic and just too busy?

Mindfulness Coaching can help you understand better the relationship between your thoughts and how they make you feel about yourself, about others and about life in general.

Are your thoughts causing stress and unhappiness?

Mindfulness Coaching uses simple inquiry and the practice of mindfulness to challenge our habitual, compulsive thinking patterns which cause all of our distress and suffering. As part of the Mindfulness Coaching I use the tools from Byron Katie’s The Work.


Love your life NOW!


I can assist you with:

  • Personal development
  • Finding and improving self-esteem
  • Coping with change
  • Improving relationships
  • Finding your purpose and passion
  • Finding clarity and improving decision making
  • Managing stress and improving energy levels
  • Achieving work/life balance and improving health and wellbeing
  • Finding inner peace and contentment
  • Letting go of unhelpful emotions

After the sudden death of a prominent figure in my life, I started to see Maya weekly to help me deal with the immense grief and heartbreak I was experiencing. From our first session, Maya made me feel welcome, cared for and listened to. As we tacked my immediate experiences with death, we started delving deeper into beliefs I’d held about myself for many years. With Maya’s help, I am overcoming feelings of grief, and long held beliefs of low self-confidence, self-doubt and other feelings associated with my “quarter-life crisis”. Maya’s approach is very practical, and worked in with my daily life well. Maya is warm and kind, but also realistic when working through emotions, feelings and beliefs. My own confidence and sense of self has improved dramatically since starting with Maya. I am improving many aspects of my life including my performance at work, my relationships with my family and my outlook on the future. I am truly grateful to have Maya helping me make sense of myself and my experiences.
— Kristina, Sales and Marketing Manager
Working with Maya has been immensely satisfying. Every week she guides me to discover new insights about how I approach life. These insights are helping me to move forward in a more positive and energised way, rather then feeling overwhelmed by the chaos. I really appreciate Maya’s clarity, perception and compassion. She has an extraordinary ability to help me keep focused on my positive qualities.
— Rachel, arcitect and mum