Client testiomonials

Maya has been our Senior Leadership Team Program Provider for the past two years. When I arrived in NESTLE New Zealand as a newly appointed CEO I needed to shift the old team dynamic and to integrate two new team players. We were also facing a lot of challenges on the regional level. I decided to apply some disruptive leadership and bring in the practice of Mindfulness to create a cohesive team. The practice of mindfulness helped us a lot, as we were dealing with huge challenges at the time. Very quickly it became natural and there was a recognition within the team that this is something we needed and were benefiting from on many levels. As a result of Mindful leadership training and coaching the old dynamic has shifted and two new team players were integrated. As a team, we became more open, honest and accountable with one another and were more able to set our priorities and to deal with difficult questions, listen deeply and think clearly. The team became more accustomed to deep and honest reflection and able to share it with our employees. As the result of mindfulness training I have also noticed the individual team members changing patterns of behaviour; interestingly the most reluctant players seemed to receive the most benefit from the training and I noticed the whole team aligning and really taking the responsibility. I don’t see the disengaged passive attitude any more. For me it was really about deepening into the fundamental principles of leadership beyond mere management.”

Veronique Cremedes, CEO, NESTLE New Zealand


“ Maya has offered the mindfulness module within our CILTNZ Leaders for the Future Program. The group very much enjoyed it and Maya introduced mindfulness in a way that resonated. They commented as follows:

  • ”I learned to believe in one’s self, being learn to have a relationship with yourself”
  • Differentiate between the universal qualities that you should hold true. Do not get caught up in the ego. Keep hold of curiosity and remain with the open mind rather than a closed mind.”
  • “The importance of taking time to reflect. It’s hard to find that time in your day so having to make it is important for you as a person and as a leader. Being tuned in was another big thing for me. An awareness that we have all been in the meetings and left wandering what was said.”
  • “This session opened my eyes to the importance of relaxation and opening your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. After being initially sceptical I am now a believer.”

I hope this is the first of many associations like this.”

Jo Brosnahan, Director Leaders for the Future and former chair of Leadership NZ


“Before meeting Maya my life felt quite chaotic, madly busy actually, with an over-full mind and the feeling that there was little time in my own life for quiet reflection or calm. I was juggling life as a mum of two young kids while running a rapidly growing organization and all the demands that go with both of these roles. I had been curious about meditation for some time but never found the time to learn about it. I’m really glad that I finally have and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Maya is a very talented, warm, real and at times quite magical woman who has helped me get my life into balance. It’s still early days for me but over the past few weeks I’ve noticed my stress levels have reduced, I’m more focused, am enjoying relaxing and generally feel lighter and happier (interspersed with moments of blissful joy). Maya’s meditation training is something I would genuinely encourage others to do – she’s a super star”

Rachel Brown, Sustainable Business Network CEO


“The most valuable thing I have taken away is noticing my levels of stress are reducing and I am more focused on my job.
I feel totally inspired and I feel my job is a lot less stressful. I have noticed a difference in my personal life as well, such as-
• setting goals
• listening more
• not getting caught up with the small stuff
• planning
• less work stress and trying to get more life balance “

Alan Gibson, procurement specialist, health Alliance


“For the past four months, Maya has worked with our small team at Auckland City Council. As the Council was going through its transition process there was a great deal of stress, anxiety and uncertainty in and around our team. We embarked on a journey together to continue to maintain a sense of pride, camaraderie and show leadership despite the stresses around us. One of our strategies was to commit to a Mindfulness Programme run by Maya Nova of Mindbalance.

These sessions gave us a confident moment in time to relax into being ourselves, talk through some achievements and voice some frustrations. It made us more aware of our own feelings, sensitivities and enjoyments. Above all, it kept us engaged throughout a most unsettling time and added peace and understanding to us as a team and individually.

Maya has been an excellent teacher in the realms of meditation. She scoped a programme that was suited to our team and its environment and helped us continue to add value to the organisation and more importantly ourselves as individuals.”

Roz Johnstone, programme coordinator ACC


“I introduced a meditation programme to our design studio not for business reasons at first but to offer my colleagues a way of finding stillness in their stressful lives.
What has issued has been revolutionary.
The outcome for my business has been that a disparate group of employees has come together as a real team. There is calmness and humanity in the way my staff deals with each other and the customers, we are becoming more creative and productive.
We finished the short meditation programme some time ago and have extended our guided meditation to be a permanent feature on Fridays. Fridays in the office are special and productive. It is my aim to extend this programme and interweave it into Common Ground Way.
Of course meditation needs a teacher. Maya is a gifted teacher who appeals across a spectrum of people. Maya has in short time helped to transform our company and make it more productive, relatively stress free and a pleasure to spend time in.”

James Lundey, design director, Common Ground (urban design studio)