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Meditation is a simple and effective tool for achieving inner peace, clarity and focus by bringing ones awareness into the present moment.

“In our busy lives there is so much pressure to address what is urgent that there is often very little time or energy left to engage with what is vital and most meaningful – our own inner sense of wellbeing, inner peace and clarity and direction.

Learning how to give the present moment our full attention can have a profoundly liberating effect on the mind. Being in relationship with nature: nature of our own bodies and minds and the greater context of nature we are part of, we can find our way back to wholeness in how we live our lives and relate to ourselves, each other and our environment.

The meditations I teach are non-religious and are not aligned with any particular group. They are accessible to a wide range of people and are easy to practice.

Mindfulness is at the very core of our engagement with life, it is the capacity to be aware of what is going on. The practice of mindfulness helps us to stop running and to realize that happiness and wellbeing are available to us in the very moments of our lives that we find impossible, exhausting or overwhelming.

Well-being is a state of mind primarily, a state of being.
Wellbeing is not some fancy state where everything comes together externally and we are fit, healthy and wealthy ever after (although that’s not too bad either..). Rather, it is a deep knowing that we are able to live our lives as they are and find peace within that knowing. Then our vital energies shift from fighting and debating and complaining to making the most of what we’ve got. A sense of grace begins to flow through us and we feel well and able. We feel fit for life.”

Benefits of meditation:

· Reduced stress and anxiety
· Increased resilience
· Increased mental concentration clarity and awareness
· Increased productivity and effectiveness
· Increased contentment and inner peace
· Improved communication
· Increased emotional stability
· Improved immunity and overall health and wellbeing
· Increased creativity and insight

Try a body scan meditation:

“I have attended Maya’s meditation classes over past two years and have benefited enormously from meditation practice. Meditation has enabled me to create a calmer and more positive mind. My ability to concentrate has improved and I enjoy a much more heightened awareness of my thoughts and feelings. The inner spaciousness created through meditation has allowed me to be a lot more present and at peace with myself and the world. Maya is a wonderful meditation teacher and I recommend her” - Grant