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Foundations of Mindful Leadership - Dinner

You are warmly invited to an evening of discussion, connection and activation.

This time the conversation will center around Mindful leadership

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Our working environments are becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). 

Leading change and the capacity to connect are therefore becoming primary leadership competencies required today. Neither is easy. Change brings up fear, resistance, insecurity and reactivity.

In order to help people move beyond these regressive states of mind, leaders need to develop their own self-awareness, agility, resilience and social awareness. These are the foundations of Mindful Leadership.

The capacity for empathy and the ability to accept their own vulnerability around the challenges they face are key competencies needed to meet the demands of complexity and unpredictability of leading change.

Thursday,  April 18, from 6pm

Café Hanoi, Parlor room

RSVP: $90 (includes dinner and a glass of wine)

If you are an HR, L&D specialist or an executive =responsible for leading people in your organization, this interactive evening of discussion, activation and networking may be just what you need right now.


·      Meet, discuss and network with your colleagues, listen to ideas and think about opportunities that will enable you to support your leaders in 2019 and beyond

·      Find out how you can empower your leaders to develop “soft” (ha!) skills to manage themselves and their people in times of change, ambiguity and uncertainty

·      Get inspired and activated for 2019

·      Wander on down after work and enjoy a dinner and a glass of wine with like-minded people in a convenient and fabulous setting of the award winning Café Hanoi in Britomart.


Later Event: August 11
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