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Outward Bound Wellbeing


Outward Bound  Wellbeing programme takes traditional mindfulness practices and blends them with the classic elements of an Outward Bound course.  This experience of sailing through the Marlborough Sounds, taking on physical challenges and pushing you to do your best will give you a new perspective and allow you to see aspects of yourself that you may not have realised were there. It will reconnect you with your true self, giving you more confidence and motivation than ever before.

The course is designed to help adults who are seeking greater clarity – perhaps in times of challenge and transition – who need space to reflect on their lives or who want to learn or deepen a meditation practice – or who simply want to walk their own path more deeply.

With the guidance of our expert facilitator Maya Nova and our world class instructors, this course will leave you more present, relaxed and aware of who you are and what unique gifts you have to offer the world – and help you feel ready to take on new paths or challenges in the real world.