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Four Foundations of Mindfulness Course


This Six week course will explore the foundatios of mindfulness practice: mindfulness techniques, attitudes introduction to mindfulness meditation and integration of mindfulness into the everyday life.

1.         The first foundation of mindfulness

is our body. Through the practice of mindfulness of breath and the four postures of the body(sitting, walking, standing and lying down) we can gain more awareness of the five senses and our innate capacity to connect with the present moment through breath and the grounding of awareness in the body.

2.         The second foundation of mindfulness

is mindfulness of sensations and feeling tones in our body. It is so easy to develop a knee jerk response to the feeling nature of our experience which manifests as the aversion towards the unpleasant feelings, craving towards the pleasant and zoning out and boredom towards the neutral. The second foundation of mindfulness has at it’s heart the development of equanimity.

3.         The third foundation of mindfulness

is about awareness itself, the knowing quality of the mind and the exploration of consciousness. Everything that arises in the mind – a thought, an opinion, a memory, a belief, feelings of anger of fear or desire – all these mental objects can be experienced calmly, with awareness and clear perception.

 4.   The fourth foundation of mindfulness

Is awareness of mental factors. They can be positive or negative, leading away from or towards the suffering. We will look at hindrances as well as the factors of awakening.

The course will take place on Six consecutive Tuesday evenings and each moduel will be 1 1/2 hours long

During the six week course you will :

·  Learn the foundations of mindfulness practice

·  Learn mindfulness meditation techniques: Mindfulness of breathing, body scan, and others

·  Learn to access present moment and body awareness

·   Improve concentration

·  Improve health and well-being

·  Sleep better

·  Stabilise emotions

·  Find inner peace and clarity

·   Integrate mindfulness into your everyday life

·  Improve your relationships

Cost for this course is $250 and includes a comprehensive course workbook.

Earlier Event: January 28
Four Foundations of Mindfulness