Mindfulness training for improved mental agility, resilience and well-being.


We live in times of unprecedented change - this can cause a lot of uncertainty and  stress. Mindfulness develops clarity and fosters resilience which are key factors in our ability to develop agile mindset and the ability to not only  survive change, but to thrive in it! After all, change is the only constant!

Mindfulness can help you understand better the relationship between your thoughts and how they make you feel about yourself, about others and about life in general. Mindfulness can help you manage anxiety and depression, lack of confidence and stress and lead towards a greater sense of well-being.


MIndfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and without judgement.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

Sovereign NZ have created a series of mini clips based on the talk ‘Mindfulness and nature’ I gave last year as part of the mental health awareness week. Here is the first one - Conditions that can give rise to happiness are all around us if we choose to notice and pay attention to them.


Keynote Presentations 

I offer keynote presentations on variety of topics including: mindfulness, resilience, happiness, mindful leadership, change management, science of mindfulness etc. They can be bespoke designed  to suit your particular needs.


My keynote presentations have been appreciated by staff at:  Auckland Council,  Sovereign, TVNZ, Tower Insurance, PwC, Uniservices, EMA Conference, Amplifon conference, Law firms such as Heigh Lion and Glaister Ennor and Sustainable Business Network among others.

Mindfulness Insight Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching uses simple inquiry and the practice of mindfulness to challenge our habitual, compulsive thinking patterns which cause all of our distress and suffering. I have helped many clients deal better with anxiety, stress, uncertainty and change, and in the process improve their self-esteem and find a greater sense of well-being, clarity and inner-peace.

Maya Nova mindfulness coaching
Maya has a wonderful gift, she is intuitive in her teaching style and seems to convey the essence of what it means to meditate without effort and without judgment. She manages to transfer a warm energy that carries her message long after you leave her presence. I highly recommend Maya’s courses or one-on-one time.
— Deirdre, lawyer

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